Finishers MMA Holiday Party and Promotions


This past Saturday, December 29, 2018, Finishers MMA held their annual holiday party at Weyerbacher Brewing with the festivities beginning at 4:30. A lot of the team showed up and everyone brought a ton of food to share.  Later on in the evening some promotions were handed out, including Zach and JM’s first black belt, which was awarded to Jon Blank.  Ross the Boss was there of course and got some great pictures and video of all of the promotions.  A full list of the promotions is below along with the video Ross put together. There were also a couple of blue belts given out shortly after the holiday party, so they are included in the promotion list as well. Congrats to everyone who leveled up! 2019 is going to be a huge year for the squad.  


  • David Francavilla

  • Thales Maciel

  • Austin Petril


  • Jim Busch

  • JP Davis

  • Bill Murray

  • Jerry Gunsten

  • Aidan Phillips


  • Tom Cellamare