Finishers Open and Finishers 6 Weekend a Huge Success


This weekend kicked off with the very first Finishers Open tournament, featuring EBI rules for all weight classes and skill levels so that anyone can test their submission only prowess.  The tournament started out right on time and was probably the first tournament I’ve ever competed in where the matches were actually ahead of schedule rather than running behind.  Approximately 130 competitors ended up participating and there were a lot of exciting matches throughout the day, with first and second place winners taking home gold and silver medals for their efforts.  Check out some of our 10th Planet winners below

Sunday was the Finishers 6 pro event featuring a 16 man tournament at 155 pounds, plus numerous superfights including a main event superfight between Ashley Williams and John Battle.  Williams and Battle had an extremely entertaining 10 minute match that ended in a draw. 


Keith Krikorian, 10th Planet Freaks brown belt, ended up taking home the $2,500 cash prize and lightweight belt after taking out Danaher Death Squad’s own Nick Ronan in the finals of the tournament.  Keith has been in the Finishers Sub Only previously and lost in the first round by a quick kneebar to John Battle, so coming back to win the whole thing must have felt amazing for him.  He’s certainly been making a name for himself by tearing through people at every competition he enters and is currently sitting at a 56-0 record for the year. 


People came from all over to compete in both the events, which included competitors from place such as Canada, Virginia, and California, among others.  It was really cool getting to see the higher level guys who were competing in the Finishers 6 on Sunday supporting their less experienced teammates at the Open the day before, and vice versa.  The Finishers weekend surely made for a memorable experience for the many teams that showed up to represent.  There were a lot of edge of your seat moments throughout the event and I highly recommend you watch the replay below if you get the chance.