Training Mindset for the Long Term


It's Monday and before I go and yoke some weights I wanted to put in writing for you guys what it means to have a "for life" mindset. What I mean by having a "for life" mindset means that the decisions you make in your training reflect those of somebody that is going to make training a part of their lifestyle for the long term. Zach and I for instance know that we aren't going anywhere, if the school went under tomorrow, I'd probably buy a ticket to Cali and just start training with Eddie full time. We know that because we want to be training 30 years from now that our behavior now will have a direct impact on whether or not we can actually pull something like that off. I look at a guy like our instructor Eddie Bravo, he's 45 years old and he's rolling in the gym with his students every day for the last like 13 years or something. That's pretty impressive to be rolling with 10th planet's top dogs every night and they are giving their best trying to strangle you. Zach and I are training usually 6 days a week give or take a session or two, the decisions we make inside and outside of the gym are going to help us continue to train as we get older. Some days the last thing I want to do is jiu jitsu, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some guys are flashes in the pan and others know how to burn a bit slower and longer. Some days I'm crazy sore or just mentally drained, nothing wrong with just drilling that day. You got to know when to push through being a little burned out and when to listen to your body and rest. Sometimes on those days when I don't want to train I actually end up training and feel way better afterwards. It's all about learning about yourself and when to push and when to just really enjoy training. Most of us aren't training to become world champions, so don't put crazy pressure on yourself. Outside of the gym I'm making sure I am taking care of my body as well. A lot of the time when guys get hurt it's because they make some reckless decision outside of the gym. Guys all the time will go out and break their leg skateboarding or wrestling in their back yard drunk with the homies and totally mess up their training for like 6 months. Now I'm not saying don't take chances or live like a monk, but these things do cross my mind outside of the gym. In the back of my mind I am always thinking "Is this good for my jiu jitsu?" If not I am probably going to avoid it. I love jiu jitsu and want it to be a part of my life forever, and my decision making directly reflects that inside and outside of the school. So when you want a day off take it, when that huge inexperienced dude drops back on a straight ankle lock, tap a little sooner. You aren't going anywhere so what does it matter in 5 years time you'll be a savage on the mats. In twenty years you'll have everyone's respect regardless of the titles you've won or how many blue belts tapped you when you were training 12 years ago. I'll see you all on the mats #10p4L

By JM Holland

Original Post Date 4/18/2016