Starting at 10th Planet Bethlehem


I wanted to write down what people can actually expect when they start training jiu jitsu with Zach and I here at Finishers. We have a lot of different types of people that train here and they all train for their own specific reasons. I have professionals and office types training with young college kids, we have moms, we got musicians, IT guys, the whole shabangabang. All these different types of people have a "why" when they come to us. They want to get in shape, they want to know how to defend themselves, they want to stay out of trouble, all are great reasons to train. Our job really isn't to turn you into some world class jiu jitsu player but to fulfill your "why" and they are all different I wanted to write this so that maybe if you were thinking about training you won't be intimidated. You deserve to train somewhere that can actually change your life.

Everyone starts in fundamentals class. A lot of guys come to us with prior experience, most have just found out that jiu jitsu was a thing. Both start in our fundamentals class. We actually have a great curriculum that we teach in the fundamentals class and our students in our advanced class know it inside and out. So you crawl before you walk. We aren't going to throw you right into the deep end of the swimming pool right away and see if you float. Zach teaches the fundamentals classes Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays at 7 pm. Z takes you step by step through the basics and before you know it after a couple months you are starting to move like you know jiu jitsu. Some people take longer than others, that is totally fine as everyone is on their own path. Next thing you know you're rolling and coming to open mats and seminars. 

It's really as simple as showing up. A lot of people want to make mountains out of mole hills. If you give Zach and I consistent practice we will get you good at jiu jitsu its really that simple. Staying consistent showing up focused and giving your best effort and watch your ability go through the roof. Jiu jitsu will teach you that you are really capable of some wild stuff when you put repetition in. I've trained in many martial arts and I would have to say that jiu jitsu is definitely the most rewarding. What you give to jiu jitsu it will come back to you 10 fold. 

So there is some insight on what you can expect training here when you first start. Everyone here started where you are right now so no one is going to be a douche or an ahole. Jiu jitsu has a way of getting rid of those types of people. They never survive here at Finishers. So If one person reads this and decides to train with us, worth it. I appreciate you taking the time to read this poorly written blog

By JM Holland