Our Weekend at the Good Fight and Training with 10th Planet Black Belt Kevin Berbrich


This weekend about 30 of our students stormed the Good Fight Submission Only tournament in Langhorne, PA. Many of our students were competing for the very first time and we had a great showing. The night before the tournament we picked up 10th planet Black Belt Kevin Berbrich at the airport as he would be participating in the Good Fight All Star Invitational. This is an invite only professional event where cash is up for grabs so some of the east coast's best jiu jitsu practitioners show up to take down a score. Kevin ended up taking on highly touted stud Gordon Ryan who actually won our tournament, "The Finishers Sub Only." It was a great match but Gordon ended up winning via a rear naked choke. Kevin showed great jiu jitsu in the match and knows the path to the top is through the top. Even at the top level guys lose and it's important that no matter what we never quit, we go back to the drawing board and we get it right, black belt or white belt.

Saturday kicked off with our kids. We had a little squad of about 5 kids that competed on Saturday Morning. We like to see our kids compete because it prepares them for the real thing. Most parents when they bring their kids to us want them to be able to defend themselves and to stick up for what they believe in. It's one thing to give a kid a belt after a certain amount of classes and tell them that they've gotten better but another thing entirely to have them perform in a competition setting. We don't want our kids to have a false sense of confidence because of a belt they received. The kids going and competing is great for developing real confidence, they grapple in a controlled environment against another skilled opponent who they've never met before. Win or lose we know these kids take a lesson from every time they compete and as I am writing this all the kids are on the mat right now honing their skills even further.


Above are some of our top kids Robert, Zeandros, Eric, and Isabel we are so proud of you guys!!!

After the kids came through and choked necks it was on to the adults. Some won and some lost but we are proud of every single one of you guys that put in on the line Saturday. Most people would never know what it takes to enter in to a submission only tournament. What matters is that we showed up as a team and that we were there for each other 100% like savages. We enjoy our wins and learn from our losses but we never stop fighting, after the tournament I could tell that a lot of the guys were itching to get back in the gym and either improve on what they did well or fix the mistakes that were made. When you guys first came in you knew nothing and now we have a squad of real jiu jitsu players, proud of you guys!