New Student Joshua Batista Down 12 lbs in 2 Months


What's it mean to challenge yourself ? We all talk about it. We all talk about bettering ourselves. New fad diets, New Years resolutions. Sign up for a new gym and only go five times. This is the cycle that most of us stay stuck in. Why do we do it? We are we always stuck? We know challenging ourselves is how we improve, but we just never complete the things we start. We stay stuck because it's hard, and when things are hard we shy away from it. So what do we need to help us through? We need someone's who already done it and cares enough to help us do it. That's Finishers MMA. That's Zach and JM.

We stay stuck in that pattern because of fear and intimidation. You go to the new gym and feel out the place because everyone stares at you until you get out of their way. But when you step through the door at Finishers as an out of shape blank canvas, you're welcomed with a handshake and "hey come join us I'll walk you through the whole thing." That was me two months ago. Out of shape with no grasp of Jiu Jitsu. I walked into Finishers thinking "I'm going to suck at this and everyone's gonna laugh me out of the room." I was half right. I SUCKED. I still do. But I didn't get laughed out of the room.

I got encouraged, and coached through the entire thing from when I entered until class was over. I've been here for two months and I don't get to nearly as many classes as I want to, but I can see improvement. Improvement on a small scale, but it's there. It's easy to see and it's exciting. I'm down 12 pounds and more to come, I'm happier, and I enjoy Jiu Jitsu more and more everyday. The quality of guys at this school is top notch, you can hit the Monday night class with Zach, and then hit the Saturday morning class with JM and you're gonna get totally different experiences, with the same quality, and a more complete understanding of it all. With this school, you get twice the quality that you pay for, and every opportunity to succeed. Finishers changed my life 100% for the better and the training I get here keeps me coming back every week.

By Joshua Batista