It's Never Enough

never enough.JPG

What is up everybody! Wanted to take the time and write this down for you guys and maybe if you find yourself in this spot it helps. I wanted to write about something I struggled with coming up as a martial artist, from time to time I still deal with it. We all have people in our lives that we admire and respect. Whether you’re a young professional or a jiu jitsu bum like myself, whatever you do, we all have people we look up to and want to impress. Earning respect from those we admire is something that was always important to me, it still is. Sometimes we want credit or respect from those who just flat out refuse to give it to you. Parents, mentors, fellow co-workers, a lot of the time I would do things specifically so somebody I admired would take notice. You work hard and keep your head down and you are just dying for somebody to take notice. You want that pat on the back or for somebody to single you out for your effort. It’s funny how people will just straight up overlook all that you do for a little respect. They’ll talk about this guy or what he’s done and how great they are and you are right under their nose busting your ass and they give you zero credit or respect for it. It can definitely be frustrating. It’s almost like a drug that you keep seeking out. You get a little bit of love and you keep chasing that attention, doing crazy shit just to get noticed. Practically my entire late teens to early twenties was dedicated to impressing people that didn’t even really give a shit. I enjoy jiu jitsu and martial arts training now more than ever because I straight up let go of all of this desire to impress people. A lot of people forget why they started training in the first place. They win a couple of tournaments and all of a sudden they have fan pages and are stressing training more than they are enjoying it. They want their next belt or are stressing getting tapped in training because all of a sudden they let what they love turn into this thing that is like an abusive spouse that makes you feel like shit about yourself. LET THAT SHIT GO! I can honestly say as I am writing this that I train hard for me! I compete, cut weight, drive the long drives for me. If you’re doing something for someone else’s attention you’re doing this for the wrong reason. Remember you started doing this because it’s what you enjoy, it’s what you’d rather do than anything else. You got to train and put effort in solely for yourself and because it makes you happy. All the respect and attention and belts and all that other bullshit will come if you love what you are doing for yourself. The second I stopped wanting all this love and attention and respect is when I started getting it. Don’t expect anything out of what you do, if you are putting effort in and giving your best I promise you the right people will take notice. All the things you want will come but a hustle isn’t a hustle if it is in the wrong direction. Focus on being fulfilled and being happy in the lab, all else will fall into place. Do you and the world will adjust, see you on the mats!