Grace Dominates Her First Adult Tournament at Onnit Invitational 7

grace cover.jpg

This past Saturday, Grace “the Silent Assassin” Gundrum competed in her first adult women’s tournament at the Onnit Invitational 7 in Austin, Texas.  There were four ladies all vying for the title of Onnit Invitational Atomweight Champion and a cash prize of $2,500.

Grace’s first match was against a 32 year old brown belt who was also a Strikeforce MMA veteran.  Grace, undaunted by her opponent’s credentials, made it look easy and used the 100% to set up a triangle in no time, securing her spot in the finals.  As if it wasn’t impressive enough submitting a brown belt over twice her age, Grace also quickly dispatched of her second brown belt opponent in the finals, getting an armbar from triangle to force the tap.  Both submissions were under 3 minutes into regulation and against women with much more experience.  Grace’s technique is undeniable and watching her two matches just cements her status as the best submission only jiu jitsu competitor at that weight class. You can watch video of both her matches at the links below.

Match 1 v. Charlene Gellner

Match 2 v. Amber Rymarz-Freitas

grace onnit triangle.jpg

Zach and JM have been working with Grace since she was 11 years old, and she is still only 15 and yet just won $2,500 and the Onnit Atomweight title.  If you want to start training with the best, there is no question that 10th Planet Bethlehem is the place to be.

Original Post Date 3/20/2018