Finishers MMA/10th Planet Bethlehem Clinches 3rd Consecutive Submission Only Team Title


This past weekend around 30 competitors from 10th planet Bethlehem represented beautifully as they took their 3rd consecutive team title at the Good Fight Submission Only Tournament just outside of Philadelphia. 

We started with an idea that points do not matter in a jiu jitsu match/real street situation. WE DONT TRAIN FOR POINTS. This weekend it showed, as we stormed a submission only tournament and took the team title for the 3rd time. Submission only is where our team truly shines. 

We had a bunch of first time competitors who trained crazy hard put in some serious work and win or lose came away better than they did previous to the experience. We don't focus on the result but on how we did. If you compete well and use your technique, the desired result will come.

I want to congratulate all those who put it on the line this weekend and stepped up, you guys are straight savages.

Don't forget that this weekend we will be in Los Angeles California as Grace competes at EBI 7 on Saturday July 16th. Check it out on UFC Fight Pass and cheer her on as she goes for her 4th straight submission only victory in front of the entire Jiu jitsu World.