Epic Weekend for Finishers MMA/10th Planet Bethlehem


This week was just unbelievable for us. As a team we absolutely crushed it this week. We had people competing all over the country and we crushed it everywhere. We landed in California on Wednesday and once the weekend came along it just seemed like a domino effect of awesomeness. I was actually in California and I hear our guy Tom Cellamare crushed a 13 man division at NAGA this past weekend. So he is on an absolute tear heel hooking fools calf cranks from the truck the whole bit. Tom don't think we don't see you busting ass keep the pace! Then we are on the other side of the country and Reggie Carter had his amateur Muay Thai Debut Saturday night. So this whole time I was getting Reggie ready I knew I wouldn't be there to actually see him fight. I was so confident in his ability that I didn't want to not have him fight on account of us not being there. So not only did he step up big time coming to fight but my generals Mike Ortiz and Ross Sharrer had to corner him while I was away. Now this is nothing new for Mike but Ross as always helped us out of a bind and helped Mike in the corner. Reggie crushed it with his superior boxing and his head movement, he was patient and saved some energy for the third and final round where he must have snapped this guys head back with right straights 10 times. Awesome debut Reggie, Thank you all who came out and supported Reg while we were out of town. Lastly if you didn't see Grace at EBI 6 you seriously missed out. She is now 3 time EBI super fight champ and her performance on Sunday was razor sharp. The whole week was just absolutely crazy and it would take me like 6 months to write it all down. Check out the podcast this week on Itunes for the whole breakdown of everything, but just know that we are all so thankful for the ability to do this. Anybody whose had a hand in these kids' success you guys are the man. Zach and I can't do any of this without an entire support system of people. To you it can be the most meaningless contribution or you might think that we are helping you, but really you guys are why we are able to do this. On to bigger and better and know that I will never forget those who've put us on like this and those that believed in us. I'm proud of all of us we've all grown so much and who knows what's next but whatever happens I'm always going to ride for those that rode out for us.

By JM Holland