Finishers MMA Presents Jokes and Chokes to Raise Money for Charity


Come for the jokes, stay to watch comedians get choked.  This Saturday, December 22, 2018 at the Miller Symphony Theater in Allentown will be a comedy show called Jokes and Chokes.  Comedians Andy Malafarina, Tyler Rothrock and Kris Fried will be assisting Zach Maslany, JM Holland and Thad Frick of Finishers MMA on their mic skills so that they can test their hand at stand up comedy.  Brian McLaughlin of Precision MMA will also be making his stand up debut alongside the Finishers guys.  In return, these comics will be learning some jiu jitsu from the squad over at Finishers MMA.  You can check out the comedians’ first attempt at training below.

tyler rothrock (@tylerrothrock) on Instagram: "This Saturday at @allentownsymphony @kris.fried @andygotjokes and myself will be teaming up with the guys over at @finishersmma and @10pbethlehem to raise money for charity. This will be their first time doing stand up and I’m sure it will go better than our first time attempting to train with them. We didn’t make it past the warm up. Hit up @never_again_studio for tickets! #standup #ufc #mma #bethlehem #comedy #jokesandchokes

The doors open at 5:30 p.m. and there will be a cash bar and raffle event at 7 p.m.  Presale tickets are $15 and you can get them from the guys at Finishers MMA or contact Michael Fauerbach.  You will also be able to get tickets for $20 at the door.  The goal of this event is to raise money for charity, so all proceeds will go towards Justin Wren’s Fight for the Forgotten.  If you can’t attend the event but still want to donate you can do so directly here.

Through Fight for the Forgotten, Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren is fighting to empower those who don’t have a voice – from the forgotten people around the world affected by the water crisis, to the bullied in our own neighborhoods and schools.  The two focuses of Wren’s charity work are empowering the thirsty and defending the bullied, which are both very personal to him. 

Empowering the Thirsty

Justin created Fight for the Forgotten to build wells and provide other much needed support for the Pygmies in the Congo, who had referred to themselves as “the Forgotten People.”  Since 2011, Justin and Fight for the Forgotten have provided nearly 3,000 acres of land and dozens of water wells to the Pygmies. Not only are they no longer slaves, they’re thriving, with Pygmy leaders embarking on multiple community development initiatives including education, vocational training, and sustainable agriculture.

Defending the Bullied

Justin Wren was bullied his entire life, but ended up finding an outlet through the sport and martial art of wrestling. The discipline and focus of the training, along with the support of his coaches and teammates, helped him to believe in himself, conquer depression, gain confidence, and find his tribe. Now Justin is on a mission to tackle bullying through both awareness and prevention. He has partnered with Century Martial Arts to develop anti-bullying curriculum to be implemented in martial arts academies across the nation. He is also passionate about sharing his story with organizations, schools, academies and youth events in order to break the lifelong chains of bullying.

As you can see in the clip above, Justin Wren has been on the Joe Rogan Podcast a couple of times to talk about the philanthropic efforts that Fight for the Forgotten uses their funds for and why these efforts are so important to him personally.  The money raised is obviously going to a really good cause, so if you can’t make the show you can still donate here.  The goal is to raise $4,200, so any little bit helps.

One more event coming up this weekend to help raise funds for Fight for the Forgotten is a seminar with Zach and JM at Brian McLaughlin’s Precision MMA.  The seminar will be on Friday night, December 21st, beginning at 6:30 p.m. and running until 8:30 p.m.  Cost to attend is $50 and all money raised will be going to Fight for the Forgotten to try to reach their goal.