Bethlehem Squad Dominates SAGC 7


This past Saturday, October 27, 2018, Submission Arena Grappling Championship, more commonly known as SAGC, held its 7th event headlined by Andrew Kochel and Matheus Lutes in an endurance format title match. The squad was out in full force at this event and ended up going 4-1 overall in their matches. Bethlehem purple belt, Zack Edwards, was the co-main event battling it out for the 170 lb endurance format title against young phenom Savion Maranon. The endurance format consists of three rounds and each round is 5 minutes with a 30 second break in between, as opposed to the traditional 10 minute submission only matches. To win the endurance format you must earn more points than your opponent and points are earned by ending a round with a submission. Edwards finished the first round with an outside heel hook to secure the first point. The second round ended in a draw with no submissions and the third round Edwards snatched up an inside heel hook to earn a second point, taking home the 170 lb endurance format title and a nice new belt.

Edwards wasn’t the only competitor on the card though. Gabe Tejada was another one of our competitors who tried out the endurance format style match against Joe Gojani. He also won his match with 2 submissions out of the three rounds.


The rest of our competitors were included in the featured traditional format matches with 10 minute rounds, submission or draw. Tom Cellamare won his match against Vic Kooner by calf slicer.


D-Boy Masington won his match by straight ankle lock.


Bryant Pabon won his match against Kobie Roland by guillotine choke.


Jules Knighton also competed against Stephen Gristina, who missed weight for their bout. Jules entered the match despite suffering from a pre-existing rib injury and put up a great showing before eventually having to tap due to the pain in his ribs. He is now taking some time to heal up so he can get back to 100% to compete again.


The squad’s favorite photographer, Giulliana Fonseca, was at the venue taking pictures of the whole event as seen above. You can check out some more of her action shots of the guys in the galley down below.

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