Eddie Bravo Guard Options Seminar Packs House


This past Saturday, October 13, 2018, 10th Planet Master Eddie Bravo dropped in to Bethlehem for a seminar reviewing his three favorite guard options: rubber guard, prison guard, and half guard.  Eddie always has an excellent turnout when he comes to the east coast for seminars and Saturday was no different, with just about 90 people registered for the seminar, and more if you included spectators.  Giulliana Fonseca was also in the house taking professional photos of the event and all photos included in this post are provided by her. 


Some key points:

  • homie control for prison guard is similar to mission control for rubber guard – it is where you want to be as a starting position

  • the battle of the knee is key for all three guards and you have to realize when you have lost the battle

  • if you start to lose the battle of the knee while in home control you should try to go back to lockdown

For more detailed instruction make sure to attend one of Eddie’s seminars the next time he is in the area or check out Mastering the System online. If you came to the seminar and had any other important tips feel free to comment down below.


After the seminar some promotions were handed out by Zach and JM.  Colleen Daly of Stay N Flux, who won gold in her division of the Finishers Open back in August, was promoted to blue belt. 

Ryan McMaster also received his blue belt after being with the squad for quite a few years. 

Finally, Wil Gracia was the sole purple belt promotion of the day.  Congratulations to everyone who was promoted.